Kapadokya Hill


Dear Beloved Guests;

We care about our health within the scope of Corona Virus. We would love to to share all the precaution we have taken action and to share our new cleaning procedures with you.

We have added 3 new features to our cleaning system with the developing World and the early detection importance we received. 100% effective against bacteria and virus in beds and sitting groups with Motor Brushed Ultraviolet Vacuum Cleaner Machine. 100% reliable cleaning in areas such as Room, Bathroom, Elevator, Spa center, Restaurant, General areas, Beauty center, Fitness center where your hand touches with hand steam disinfection. The cleaning method we use in the rooms is now done with steam cleaner machines. Cleaning of floors and carpets are more disinfected with more stablilize cleanig funciton.

Kapadokya Hill Hotel & Spa

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